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Talent Connection 

Software Development & Mobile Development

IOS, Android Developers & Architects

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses; Big Data & BI.

network Security

Security is of the essence is today's world. Network Architecture solutions. 

Quality assurance 

QA Engineers, QE Engineers, Automation & Manual Testing. 

information technology

Provide end to end solutions for IT & Cloud consulting. 

Lifetime Value MARKETING

TC will proactively market your brand to candidates. Candidates, we'll remember you.


start ups 

We help many startups find great talent. 

TALENt acquisition 

Count on us to help your organization find your next top team - we want you to win. 

UX/UI Designers

Count on us to help find Visual Designers & UX/UI Designers that have top notch portfolios.