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 Hiring managers ask:  
Why work with Staffing Agencies?

Many Hiring Managers ask themselves what is the value of working with a third party agency? 

Many hiring managers are irritated from being bombarded by many phone calls a day from various agencies (that means that you are in a special position). Unfortunately, most of the calls they receive are from untrained business development managers (BDM's) who are just doing what they are paid to do - cold call. Unfortunately, that leaves a bad taste in the mouth for some. 

Others, say that they rely heavily on the extra hand that third party recruiters lend. The business development experts become their friends. They trust certain agencies to deliver for them & to do it in a timely manner. Keeping the hiring manager informed along the process of what type of skill set is being found on the market and what the median pay rate is. This gives hiring managers an idea of what their budget may need to be in order to get the right talent. 

Most agencies will not charge a fee upfront for helping you find qualified candidates. They prove themselves first & then invoice once the candidate has started and has been on project for a few months.


Scheduling interviews are easier because the BDM you are working with is on top of making sure things are flowing smoothly. Keeping in touch with both candidates and hiring managers stream lines the interview scheduling.   

Additionally, candidates build strong rapport with BDM’s &/or the recruiters they’re working with because they’re on the same team.

The BDM is rooting for the candidate and the candidate feels that they have a cheerleader behind them highlighting their strengths to the hiring manager.
At the same time, hiring managers are confident that the BDM understands their culture and type of candidates they are searching for. 

Most onsite recruiters have many open positions that they work at one time; well some. It can range from 4 openings to 500 openings per recruiter.

​​Third party agencies help relieve some of their stress by having more eyes out on the field attracting talent to their client’s brand. Thus making internal recruiters happier and more productive because they can focus on less sourcing & more on project managing staffing & hiring needs.

​As all recruiters know, sometimes candidates drop out of the running at the end of the process. It’s the worst feeling because you've spent a lot of time on the candidate you thought was the ideal one. It will be hard to find another one that is the same.                

The competition for IT skills is fierce; especially in the Bay Area; sometimes people think a position is “closed” meaning that a candidate has accepted their offer and will start. Later, the candidate decides to not accept after all because they received a more competitive offer elsewhere. Sometimes there’s nothing anyone could’ve done differently; it’s timing & sometimes money. Good recruiters will know the motivators.

That’s when third party agencies become a more critical part of your business & should be looked upon as partners. They put their eyes and ears back out on the market to quickly turn things around. By finding people quickly; depending on the skill set required, your team is able to complete their projects on time.

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